Is there a Carfax for Rvs?

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Carfax Not Available for RV’s

Carfax is the most trusted supplier for vehicle history reports on everything from cars to pickup trucks. They also provide services in Canada. They have information about all that have been launched on both the U.S. and Canadian markets since the early 1980’s when the seven-character RV-VIN number system was established. Since they provide information about vehicular history, many people wonder, is there a carfax for RVs? Unfortunately, the answer is currently no.

Carfax recommends checking with your local DMV, pre-purchase inspections, and enthusiasts if you’re planning to purchase an RV. You can also contact the company who will be insuring it. However, don’t be surprised if they won’t provide you with personal information about the previous owners. It’s against their privacy policy. Another thing you could do is an RV RV-VIN check or a RV-VIN lookup. Either of those should provide general summaries of your RV’s history.


RV RV-VIN lookups give past ownership, damage reports, odometer reading, title history, and manufacturer’s recalls. This information comes from a variety of sources including towing operators, salvage yards, and auto recyclers. You will need to have this information if you are buying a used or RV or selling one. Especially if you’re doing the latter, you want to be transparent about what you’re doing. Until we can answer yes to the question, is there a carfax for RVs?, running a RV-VIN check or lookup is your best bet. It gives you all of the information upfront and you don’t have to wait around.

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