Do RVs have washer and dryers?

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Do RVs Have Washers And Dryers?
You might wonder “do RVs have washer and dryers,” but you must understand that all RVs are not made the same. You might want a smaller RV that probably does not have a washer and dryer, or you could go with an RV that is large enough to fit a dual-purpose unit in the back.

1. Where Would It Go?

The washer/dryer would have to be in a small space by the kitchen where all the connections for water are located. You likely do not have enough height in the space for both a washer and dryer, but there are massive bus-style RVs that could carry both. You will find that the washer/dryer is connected to the same water line as your sink or shower, and it is likely the same color as the interior.

2. How Does It Run?

You would need something that is very quiet because there are many people who do not want to be kept up by these loud machines. You must find something that is energy efficient, and you should only run the washer/dryer when you are stationary. The hammering front he dryer might not be easy on the driver when they try to navigate difficult roads.


3. Pay A Premium

You will pay a premium for the washer/dryer in your RV, but there are many RVs that are simply not large enough. Ensure that you have found the correct RV that meets your personal needs. Your family could use the washer/dryer inside your RV, or they could use the facilities at your next campsite if you do not have enough space.

4. Conclusion

RVs have washers and dryers in certain circumstances, but you must buy an RV large enough to fit a unit. Other travelers can use the facilities at their campsite.

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