Do Recreational Vehicles Need to Stop at Weigh Stations?

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    Do Weigh Station Requirements Apply to RVs?

    Today state laws vary widely concerning the vehicles which must stop at weigh stations. In most cases, only commercial vehicles need to adhere to these provisions. However, since many newer ModelofRV RVs do meet (or exceed) minimum weight requirements for stopping at these checkpoints in individual states, if you pass an open weigh station during your travels and you remain uncertain about the applicable state law, it remains a prudent idea to pull over.

    Playing It Safe

    An inspector may merely instruct you to resume your road trip. However, by stopping you’ll avoid any problems which might occur if you inadvertently fail to check in at a weigh station in a state which requires “specialty vehicles” to do so. The few minutes you lose investigating this issue may well save you the expense of a traffic ticket later!

    Weigh Station Rules

    Decades ago, weigh stations helped state governments estimate the tonnage of commercial truck traffic was crossing over local roadways. These checkpoints also permitted safety inspectors to evaluate the roadworthiness of big rigs conveniently. Today, a growing number of states include specialty vehicles within their weight check requirements (including Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Nevada).


    Research Your Route

    If you know your travel route in advance, consider researching the regulations in the states you plan to visit. Laws change frequently. Call the State DMV to obtain current information.

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