Do all Rvs have generators?

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Do all RVs come with generators?
A generator works well in most recreational vehicles, or RVs for those fully initiated into the mystery. Many people think every RV should come with a generator or not. As hard as it may be for some people to face, not every trailer or motorhome comes with a generator. Almost every recreational vehicle does come with a way to plug into electricity provided by a campsite. Those that do come with generators often come with generators that can use either gas or propane.

What can a person do other than do research on the ModelofRV and ask questions? There are options, and the easiest one is to buy a generator that fits your recreational vehicle. There are environmentally friendly and less environmentally friendly options to consider. The options for generators are:

Environmentally Friendly Options

  • Roof-top solar panels
  • Windmill generators

Non-environmentally Friendly Options

  • Propane
  • Gas

The windmill is the least efficient option. Both the windmill and the solar generator require additional equipment. Inverters and batteries maybe necessary. The propane and gas generators need to be refilled, but they offer continuous electrical energy while there is fuel in the tank. Some of these items can be be bought at a local big box hardware store, especially if a reader is lucky enough to live in an area with a Menards. If not, most people have a Harbor Freight somewhere in their area. If neither or are available, the Internet likely has stores specializing in RV generators and the necessary supplies.

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