How to keep mice out of RVs?

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    How to keep mice out of RVs?

    Keeping Pesky Hitchhikers Away from Your RV While traveling down the highway enjoying the beautiful scenery and freedom of the open road, I suddenly discovered a pesky hitchhiker hiding near the back bedroom. After screaming and drawing my feet up onto the seat, I realized I need to figure out how to keep mice out of RVs!

    Keep’ Em Out!

    The best way to protect your RV from mice is to keep them out in the first place. I usually block the entry points with steel wool and placing Irish Spring Soap near the tires also helps to keep the little rascals away – they hate the smell. Go through your camper and look for any small space – they can squeeze through an opening the size of a dime – and either use foam spray or another hard sealant.

    Stop the clutter


    I also try to keep the RV clean and dispose of food or keep snacks in airtight containers. Any food left in cupboards is an open buffet for mice. Getting rid of paper and other nesting materials is also essential. I like to store my blankets and towels in large plastic totes when we aren’t using them, so I don’t find an unwanted nest of additional family members.

    After discovering our hitchhikers, we quickly took the necessary precautions to Company sure we didn’t have mice problems in the future. We also learned most insurance plans do not cover damage caused by rodents making it even more important to keep mice out of the RV.

    Since this was one of our first trips out – we then had time to ponder “do RVs have to stop at weigh stations?”

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